Andrew & John Demko - How To Build Your Dream Career

Andrew & John Demko - How To Build Your Dream Career

Andrew Demko, the founder of Demko Knives, and John Demko, his brother and collaborator, share their story of how they got into knife making and how Demko Knives evolved into a prominent name in the cutlery industry. From childhood fascination with knives to creating innovative locking mechanisms, they discuss their passion, challenges, and the growth of their business.

Andrew Demko and John Demko's journey through the world of knife making offers insights into the passion, innovation, and determination required to build a successful business. Their commitment to quality, design, and functionality has made Demko Knives a respected name among knife enthusiasts. As men's tools with a rich history, knives continue to serve as symbols of capability, empowerment, and craftsmanship.

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