Shark-Lock™ by Demko Knives

The Shark-Lock™, designed and engineered by Andrew Demko.
The Shark-Lock™ mechanism is situated on the spine of the knife and operated with a ramp-like ‘fin.’ Opening the blade makes the spring-driven lock arm move up and then into a notch in the tang, situating it beneath a lock pin. This range of movement is noteworthy. It’s unique in that the locking mechanism moves forward and back while also moving up and down. This allows for a greater-sized blade tang, making a better mechanical advantage in a specific area. And because the drive spring that moves the locking element up into the locked position is contained within the locking arm itself, it won’t be subject to dirt and grime.

The Shark-Lock™ is known for holding its weight against some of the strongest locking mechanisms on the market. The AD20.5 has been tested to 875-inch pounds of torque, making it extremely impressive for a 3.5 oz. knife.